Every business success relays on a right employees with right skill set. Finding a right resources with balanced science, technology, quality and compliance knowledge for Lab-Informatics related roles is much challenging even if you have a large HR department in-house.

Lab Informatics realize this very need and help organizations to find the right talent to meet your short term and long term staffing needs. Our competent staffing team and staffing partners can find the right resources in all major markets including USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East markets.


Lab Informatics helps organizations to find the skilled and trained job seekers and assist organizations to find the right candidates for the right job. Lab Informatics have access to more than 2000+ experienced resource access across the skill sets in Lab-Informatics, Compliance and Domain expertise.

Temporary Staffing

Lab Informatics can supplement the organizations with temporary workforce situations involving long term employee absence, skills shortage, seasonal workload and work on a special projects needs. Employees will have the advantage of using the skilled resources, ready to work from day one, and most importantly short term financial commitments.

Long-term Staffing

Lab Informatics assist organizations to find the FTE- Full Time Equivalent staff for the long term engagements. Every staff member is a carefully screened, trained, and matched to the specific project requirements. Lab Informatics have access to 2000+ global trained and certified resource access across the industries.

Lab Informatics Resources
  • Business Consultant
  • SME/Domain Experts
  • Project Managers
  • Program or Delivery Managers
  • Product Engineers
    • Engineers
    • Senior Engineers
    • Architects and Solution Engineer
    • Product Specialist
  • IT and Infra Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Validation Staff
  • Support Engineers